New bar code registrations to be issued

April Fools Barcode


A recent government debate on how to clamp down on speeding and car crime has led to the decision that from 2020 cars will be issued with bar codes and a new speed camera laser system is to be set up, which will simply scan the offender’s registration plate and will immediately be linked to a data base which will give police full details of their address, phone number etc.

The government are sure that this new measure will deter road crime and speeding as it will be designed to have immediate results in terms of linking to the perpetrator to the crime.  When scanned the plates will reveal a lot more information in a quicker period of time therefore giving police a lot more information to proceed with.

Critics have argued that this will make identification difficult to witnesses from a public point of view, however authorities have insisted there will still be a need to print a legible alphanumeric sequence underneath the bar code so that members of the public can still report dangerous driving etc to the authorities.

Speedy Reg don’t think this is one of the governments best ideas however it may work in terms of speed of linking motoring crimes to the perpetrator however what will the public make of this decision?

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