M155 PEN for birthday girl Penelope Keith


Penelope Keith Blog

British actress and National Treasure Penelope Keith turns 72 today and to mark the occasion Speedy reg have several personalised registrations to suit her perfectly. Known for her role in 1970’s sitcom ‘The Good Life’, where she played the well to do Margo Leadbetter (for which she won a BAFTA for Best Comedy performer), and later starred in ‘To The Manor Born’ during the late 70’s and early 80’s; she is most recognised for portraying a posh society lady. The team at Speedy Reg believe a Personalised Registration is a must for someone of Penelope’s caliber, particularly if she owns a flash vehicle, which we are sure that she does.

Some interesting facts that you may not know about the actress are that she was christened Penelope Anne Constance Hatfield but adopted her stepfathers surname Keith at the age of eight. In her early career she had a minor role in ‘Carry On Doctor’  but unfortunately this never made the final cut. Her role as Margo in ‘The Good Life’ was only supposed to be a minor role and in the very first episode she was not actually seen and only her voice was heard, however she made such a comedy impact the producers decided to give her a proper role, which obviously went down a storm considering she later won a BAFTA. Her voice is used as the narrator in the Teletubbies Children’s TV series.

If your name is also Penelope or Penny  for short your perfect Private Number Plate (such as M155 PEN or PEN 111Y) is only a click away so what are you waiting for?