AMY 1F number plate for Amy F


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Fans of the hit American comedy series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will recognise actress Mayim Bialik for her role as Dr Amy Farrah Fowler. The character who is a fairly recent edition to the cult TV series has made quite an impact to the show and in a way has given science nerds a new found respect.

Many of you will be wondering where you recognise the actress from, as she certainly has one of those recognisable faces, and you will be interested to know that she appeared as the young Bette Midler or character ‘Cici Bloom’ in the 1989 hit film ‘Beaches’. She also starred in popular American sitcom ‘Blossom’ in the early 1990’s but until ‘The Big Bang Theory’ she had not done any serious acting, instead choosing to concentrate on her education.

Like her character Amy, Mayim also has a strong interest in science and holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and is a spokesperson for ‘The Holistic Moms Network’. She has also written several books on motherhood and science.

Mayim’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ character Amy isn’t really into fashion, or looking good on the street so we don’t imagine that she would be interested in the AMY 1F number plate. However if your name is Amy Ferguson, Amy Fawcett or Amy Fyfe why not get in contact with Speedy Reg today for this one of a kind Private Number Plate?