Residents to win exclusive number plates

Massachusetts residents have the chance to win exclusive number plates

If you live in Massachusetts in the US there’s a special lottery that runs each year, with low number license plates for the winners! The lottery came about after a dispute regarding a registrar who was providing low number plates to his friends and family. The Governor at the time,decided that a lottery was a good way to distribute these more sought after plates more evenly among the population and eliminating any possibility of a registrar taking advantage of the system and awarding the best plates to their friends.

The winners just pay a small registration fee for their prize plates. If you enter the lottery,  you can’t choose which plate you win, they are awarded in order, so each winner picked gets the next plate on the list. Recent plates given away in the lottery include N54, N77 and 493. You can see how these would be very desirable. Much more eye-catching than the usual 6 character plates.

Unfortunately here in the UK we don’t have a number plate lottery, but you can buy a personalised plate on a budget. Here at Speedy Reg we have many great plates for under £99, so having a personalised plate doesn’t have to be just for the wealthy!

Photo credit: Phil’s 1stPix/ Foter/ CC BY-NC-SA

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