Breakdown cover is a must in winter

 If you don’t have breakdown cover, now is a good time to get it! Statistically you’re far more likely to break down in the winter months. With the weather being so cold and the roads being covered in snow and ice it’s easy to skid off the road and engines can really struggle when the temperature falls. Because of the low temperatures, it’s very important to get assistance quickly if your car breaks down, especially if the electrics stop working and you’ve no heating in the car. This is especially important if you regularly travel with young children or anyone elderly as the cold can have a big impact on their health.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that most standard breakdown policies have a limit on how close to home you can be for your policy to be valid. Most policies won’t help you if the breakdown happens at your home, or close to your home. In this weather it can be a nightmare if your car won’t start, and it happens a lot when the temperatures plummet. To ensure that you will get the help you need you must check your policy. If it doesn’t cover help at home you can often pay extra for a ‘home assist’ add-on to your policy which will enable you to call out your providers if your car doesn’t start  at your own property. This can be incredibly useful and is often worth the extra expense.

Photo credit: DaveCrosby/ CC BY-SA