800 JR plate for Dallas fans


The second series of the remastered cult TV show Dallas is due to be aired on Channel 5 at the end of the month. Sadly the show lost it’s patriarch Larry Hagman, who passed away in November from complications during his battle against throat cancer. Of course we all know Larry through his character JR Ewing, the elder brother of the wealthy Ewing family, which the show is based around, and he is well known for his constant ruthless scheming and plotting to get one over on the rest of his family. Hagman had been filming right up until his tragic death and sadly didn’t make it past episode five of series two, which left producers with the problem of how they would write one of the main characters out of the series. Dallas fans will not have long to wait to see JR’s final scenes and many are speculating about how he will go. Perhaps the ‘who shot JR?’ storyline will come back round again only this time there will be no going back. If you would like your own piece of Dallas memorabilia Speedy Reg have a 800 JR private number plate to add to your collection.

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