Number plate theft on the increase


Stealing number plates is becoming more common. Stolen plates are often used for crimes. 90% of incidents of people filling up their cars with petrol and driving off without paying involve cars with stolen plates. Stolen plates are also used to avoid parking tickets and speeding fines and they are often used on getaway vehicles for robberies. If your plates are stolen you should report it straight away as you could be held responsible for a crime if your plate is caught on camera at the scene, or you could end up with fines for illegal parking or speeding.

So how do you stop your plates being stolen? There are special screws you can buy that only work one way. Normal number plate screws are easily undone like any normal screws, but spend just a few pounds and you can get screws that will screw in fine, but they do not unscrew. There are also plates available that simply crack into pieces if you try to remove them. This is a more expensive solution than security screw though.

If you have a personalised number plate then this will be less appealing to criminals as they stand out too much. Anyone committing a crime would rather have a plate that blends in with the crowd. If your personalised plate is stolen then it’s more likely to end up on someone’s bedroom wall than be used in a serious crime.