Which British Car was voted the Greatest?

The iconic original Mini has beaten off the Jaguar E-Type, Range Rover and the London black cab to be voted the greatest British car ever made. First launched in 1959 and made famous by wins in the Monte Carlo Rally and owners including the Beatles, the Mini sold 5.4 million during its 41-year lifetime. The Mini was voted best car by readers of Autocar and editor-inchief Steve Cropley said: “The Mini had many faults and was never profitable, but it rewrote the rules and had a bigger impact on Britain’s car industry than any other car. “It was one of the most remarkable cars ever built, with seating for four and a decent boot in its 10-foot length, revolutionary drivetrain and gearbox and ultra-compact suspension.

“Then there was the Mini Cooper and the enormous driving pleasure. The Mini’s influence is highly visible in every VW Golf or Ford Focus today, and the legend will live forever. The poll coincided with news that Britain’s car manufacturing output will reach its highest ever levels by 2015. More than two million cars are expected to be built in Britain in 2015, according to the SMMT, overtaking the 1970 record. Over 80% of the cars built in the UK in 2011 were exported.

Top 10 greatest British made cars:

2. Range Rover
3. Jaguar E-Type
4. Land Rover
5. McLaren F1
6. Range Rover Evoque
7. Caterham 7
8. Morris Minor
9. McLaren MPF-12C
10. London Taxi