Looking for a Stokes number plate… M510 KES?

Speedyreg is currently selling the ultimate M Stokes registration, M510 KES. Looking for your ultimate personalised registration can be very time consuming, so if your surname is Stokes, then your search could be finally over.

The M Stokes number plates would be perfect registrations for the Australian Footballer, Matthew Stokes. Mathew Stokes is an Australian rules footballer for the Geelong Football Club in the Australian Football League. Growing up, Stokes played basketball, cricket and rugby league, but age restrictions limited his involvement in Australian Rules football until he was 11-years old.

The M510 KES registration would also be a perfect registration for the Ethnomusicology lecturer ofOxfordUniversity, Martin Stokes. Dr Stokes obtained his DPhil (Ph.D.) from theUniversityofOxfordin 1989. This registration would also be suitable for the Irish antiquarian, Margaret Stokes, whose illustrations appear in the famous Book of Kells.

Can you think of any other people this personalised registration would be suitable for?