Katie Price’s cherished registrations

Katie Price has changed her cherished registrations!!!

Last year her custom made Pink Range Rover was sporting the registration KP11 LEO, showing of her new boyfriend to the world. However I think, Katie was a little hasty to add Leandro name to her number plates after just a few months of dating.

Since the break up she wisely decided to remove his name from her beloved bright pink Range Rover and was spotted last week in Central London with her new cherished registration, KP11 HOT.

If you are massive fan of Katie Price what better way to show her your support, but with cherished registrations such as KP11 FAN.

It is interesting to note that if Katie decides on a new boyfriend, she could also buy another number plate with their name on it. The following registrations are still available:

So what will the name of Katie’s next boyfriend be?.