Looking for Carrot Numberplates?

The must have Carrot numberplates has just become available, CA12 ROT!!

Searching for your perfect number plates is very time consuming, but here at Speedyreg we are eager to help you find your perfect number plates.  So if your surname or even your nickname is carrot, your search is finally over, as we are currently selling CA12 ROT.

The surname Carrot originates from the sea swept costal area of south western England, Cornwall. The name is derived from Welsh surname Caeriw, meaning dweller at the fort on the hill. In recent times the most famous person with the surname Carrot is Jasper Carrot.  Jasper Carrott OBE was born as Robert Norman Davis and is a British comedian, actor, television presenter and personality. Jasper Carrot was also a part owner of the production company Celador, makers of the internationally successful Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. He sold his shares in 2006 for over £10m as part of a management buyout deal.

Can you think of any other famous Carrot’s that this registration would be suitable for?