What will be on your plate this Christmas?


I have just come back from my lunchbreak and saw that some shops are selling their christmas decorations already. Displayed behind the Halloween decorations, they are surely there. So the conversation in the Speedyreg office turned to Christmas presents.

Two questions kept popping up:

  1. Do you buy presents now or leave it to the last minute?
  2. What do you get the person that has everything?

Buy early or last minute?

Most of us agreed to the idea of buying early, being prepared and avoiding the stress of physical Christmas shopping. We all had war-stories about running around on Christmas Eve, banging into other shoppers, grabbing anything that was handy and fighting through the queues.

Present ideas?

Then we turned to what to buy our family and friends. Half of the office got socks and underwear as presents last year. Practical but there is only so many socks a person can wear! Some of us girls got make-up and perfume as gifts – brands, colours and scents that we will never wear.

Personalised number plates make great gifts

Well you can now buy unique christmas presents that will be well appreciated and avoid the stress of Christmas shops. What can be better?

Personalised number plates are a great gift. From the inexpensive to the outrageously expensive, they make the ideal gift.

Here is a few suggestions to help you with your christmas buying plans

Personalised Name Plates

What could be more special than having your own name on a plate? It shows that you care and recognises their individuality. We can help you get the right combination of numbers and digits. Here are some ideas to help you:

  • MP54 RAH for Sarah
  • JUII ETT for Juliet
  • 12 ORY for Rory
  • SUS 14N for Susan

Hobby plates

People the length and breadth of UK and Ireland have hobbies and extra cirricular activities outside of the family and work. Fishing, music, gardening, art, bird-watching are among our favourite pastimes. You can try something like these:

  • WA11 YYN
  • FL54 SHY
  • 67 MUS

Christmas plates

Sometimes you can’t help getting into the Christmas spirit and there are people all over UK and Ireland who would love Christmas every day of the year. If that’s your friend or partner, how about these for an idea:


Celebrating the new year

The format of the number plates in the GB Mainland is two letters, two digits and three letters. But what’s really good about their number plate is that the first two digits show the year of the car straightaway. So sample number plates include

  • BB07 CCH
  • BB10 CCH

So here, you can see that the first car was registered in 2007 and is five years older than the 2012 model. So how about displaying the year in your number plate this Christmas. That would really celebrate the new year:

  • MCZ 2012
  • B12 JAN

To finish, when you order with Speedyreg, we post the physical plates to your door today along with a Personalised Air Freshener!

Stress free Christmas shopping. Who could want for more?