Is this the end of MOT tests in the GB mainland?

Ministers are considering lifting the requirement that cars have an annual MOT test in the GB mainland, despite warnings that it could lead to dozens more deaths on the roads. Under new plans, vehicles will be required to go through MOT Tests every two instead of the current annual test.

The Transport Secretary feels this would, would save motorists hundreds of pounds at a time of high petrol prices.  It is proposed that the MOT tests could be spaced out for newer cars in a bid to save motorists money. It is expected that Garage owners will oppose the new plans as this will dramatically reduce their profits.

The MOT test was first introduced in the 1960’s and the test hasn’t really been changed much. Currently, cars that are at least three years old have to get an MoT test every year, asWithout an MoT, a motorist cannot legally drive or get his car insured.

 Transport Minister Philip Hammond has suggested the following:

  1.  Delay a new car’s first MoT until the end of its 4th year. It would then have annual MoTs


  1. Delay  a new car’s first MoT until the end of its 4th year, then the second MoT in another 2 years, then annually after that


  1. Delay a new car’s first MoT until the end of its 4th year, then MoT test every two years after that

I think the GB MoT system should be the same as the current system in Northern Ireland, where the vehicle is required by law to have it first MOT when it is 4 years old and a Government Centre MOT’s the vehicle instead of your local garage.

What are your thoughts of these new proposals?