Tell us about your scary motoring moments

Tell us about your scary motoring moments:

Motoring should be fun, but most of us have experienced really scary moments at the wheel or in a passenger seat.

For example, British actress Kristin Scott Thomas – who lives in Paris most of the time – describes driving around the Arc de Triomphe as “one of life’s great adventures”.

“It is fantastically frightening,” the star of The English Patient and I’ve Loved You So Long told BBC Top Gear‘s Jeremy Clarkson.  She recommends tackling the giant roundabout in the centre of Paris in the oldest, most battered car you can find so that the other drivers give you a wide berth.

Maybe your scariest moment on wheels was related to a carjacking or other car crime? 

Former Formula One champion Jenson Button has had lots of adrenalin-raising experiences on the track, and a particularly memorable one on public roads.  He described as a really “scary situation” when armed men attacked the armoured Mercedes in which he was travelling as he left the Interlagos track in Brazil. 

Some cars or their drivers can be scary for various reasons. In the USA there are many custom car enthusiasts who go to extreme measures to make their vehicles distinctive – personalised number plates would be easier and less gruesome than this effort! 

And with the growing problem of road rage and aggressive clampers, you run the risk of meeting some really scary characters when out in your wheels! is collecting descriptions of scary motoring moments to share with the many visitors to our website.  Send your description – with a picture if you have one – to

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