Newcastle Upon Tyne VRO Closed

Northampton DVLADVA Coleriane To

From the 08th November 2010, all NI to GB Cherished transfers will be sent directly from Coleraine DVA to Northampton CPU unit. Newcastle Upon Tyne will no longer be responsible for completing them.

Over the past few weeks, there were many problems with the changeover. Newcastle upon Tyne were receiving the applications but due to a large work load they were unable to complete the transfers and therefore forwarded them to Northampton Central Processing Unit (CPU).  We had a lot of customers contacting us looking for their new numbers and it was only when we faxed Newcastle that we became aware that their applications had been passed to Northampton CPU.

Hopefully after overcoming the initial teething problems, NI to GB transfers will now be completed a lot faster with the applications being sent directly to Northampton CPU.

Please find below the contact details of the new Northampton CPU:

DVLA Northampton CPU

3rd Floor Riverside House

Riverside Way

Northampton NN1 5LA

Tel 0300 790 6802

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