British Legend “The Lotus” driven abroad

Lotus Car

British Legend “The Lotus” has been driven abroad

The British motoring legend Lotus plans to make its new sports cars abroad, after the British Government refused a £50 million Loan. Lotus wants the cash to upgrade its factory to make five new models alongside the current Lotus Elise creating 1,000 jobs over the next five years.

Cheif executive Dany Bahar was stunned to get the cold shoulder. He can’t understand why the Government wouldn’t help the iconic British Brand and create new jobs. He explained that he has calculated the loan with an auto loan calculator and that they only wanted a loan on a commerical terms and that they were not asking of  a gift from the government.

Production will now have to be moved abroad, and the not on effect will be that the UK workforce will be greatly reduced.

Lotus achieved global fame in the 1960’s when racing cars designed by Colin Chapman were driven to glory by British Champion Jim Clark.

With he government lending the Irish government, £7 Billion.  I think they should be looking closer to home and helping their own industry.

Do you think the government was right to help the Irish Government and not the British Firm Lotus?