What’s in a name?


In the number plate language was talk about alphanumeric language. The Wikipedia states, “Alphanumeric is a combination of alphabetic and numeric (sometimes shortened to alphameric), and is used to describe the collection of Latin letters and Arabic digits used by much of western society”

However in the number plates industry numbers are used instead of letters. Since the earliest days of vehicle registrations the ingenious ad sometime mischievous, workings of the human brain have managed to find names within a group of seemingly, random characters and numerals.

The table below illustrates how the most common letter and number substitutions are used to form novel combinations.

0 = D or Q or Q

1 = I or L

2 = Z or R

3 = B or E

4 = A

5 = S

6 = A or B or G or O

7 = F or T or Y

8 = A or B or O

9 = G or O

11 = H or N or U

12 = R

13 = B

For Example

Hustler Number Plates Can you guess what this registration spells?

Did you guess??


BIG BOSS Numberplates looks like Big Boss which would be ideal for Springsteen  whose nickname is the “Boss”

Rory Number plates spells Rory

Can you think of any other numbers that can become letters?