Cherished Transfer Applications

DVA Rule change affecting Cherished Transfer Applications

On the 20th October 2010, we rang Coleraine DVA with a customer query and we were advised that they had removed the four year licensing concession for Cherished Transfer Applications.

We contacted the Operational Manager and explained that we were not told of this rule change, which would potentially affect most of Cherished Transfers, and  as a result of this conversation, a letter was then sent to all the Cherished Number Plate Dealers.

The Letter we received states:

“It has been brought to the DVA’s attention that the concession which stated it was not necessary to have a donor vehicle in a Cherished Transfer licensed provided it had not yet reached testable age (i.e. four years for cars and one year for Heavy Goods Vehicles) did not reflect DVLA Swansea’s current Cherished Transfer policy and for this reason and also to ensure the smooth operation of the continuous registration process, it has been decided to remove the existing concession.

This change to the four year licensing concession does not affect the existing rule whereby if the licence disc for the donor vehicle has expired or been refunded no more than twelve months prior to the date of application and Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) has been made it may still be possible to transfer the mark. In order for the vehicle to qualify for this concession, there must be no break between the expiry/refund date of the licence disc and the commencement of SORN.

The change to the four year licensing concession will be implemented from today Monday 25th October 2010 and any applications for Cherished Transfers which have been received prior to this date will be processed under the rules of the old concession.”

Are you aware of any other Rule Changes?

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