The Number Plates Language

Looking for a personalised number?  Can’t get all the letters of your name on the number plates?

Well maybe you are not aware that many people who buy registrations are in the same situation and therefore they substitute numbers for letters.

The common substitutes are as follows:

•A » 4 or 6

•B » 8 or 13

•D » 0

•E » 3

•G » 6

•H » 11

•I » 1

•L » 1 or I

•N » 1V

•O » 0

•Q » 0 or O

•R » 12

•S » 5

•T » 7

•U » V

•V » U

•W » VV

•Y » 7

•0 » D or O

•1 » I or L

•3 » E

•4 » A

•5 » S

•6 » C or G or B

•7 » T or Y

•8 » A or B

•9 » G

 When I was looking for my personalised number plate, obviously I wanted my full name to appear on the actual number plates. However I came across a few problems.

Firstly, as my name had 5 letters and could not be shortened I thought it would have been unable for me to obtain a registration.  However when I applied the above substitutes I was able to chose my perfect number plate.  I used the digit 6 as an A, and found the registration number J6 YNE. Jayne Number Plates

However after finding my perfect number plate, I was presented with my next problem. My Budget! With J6 YNE on the market at £59,995, there was no way I was able to stretch my budget to this amount. However when I thought about this registration again, it became obvious if I was able to substitute one letter, what was stopping me substituting two letters?  Therefore with substituting two letters, the A and Y I was able to come up with my perfect number plate, J6XNE at fraction of cost. Jayne Number Plates

With these substitutes you can obtain your perfect number plate at fraction of the cost. The list is endless for example maybe if you don’t want your name on your number plates you could add your partners, e.g MUI 808 could appear to look like MY BOB. 

What will your new number plates be?

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