O’Neils Number Plates on Sale…

O'Neill Registrations

If your name is O’Neil then look no further for your perfect Personalised Number Plates, ONZ 2 has just become available through Speedyreg.

Unfortunately as the letter “i” is not issued on Personalised Number Plates by the DVLA, it would be impossible to get the exact spelling of the name O’Neil. However the DVLA’s counterpart in Northern Ireland, the DVA are currently issuing the ONZ Irish Number Plate combination in the Coleraine area.

The ONZ number plates followed by 4 digits are currently priced from £50, so these cheap alternatives are a good option for a personalised number plate if your surname is O’Neil.

However the Ultimate O’Neil number plate available is ONZ 2, which any O’Neil can purchase be clicking on ONZ 2 Number Plates.