GAZ Number Plates

GAZ registrations were issued in Belfast Local DVA office from January 1995 to April 1995. Any new vehicles that were registered in Belfast were automatically issued a GAZ registration. However no one would have known the real value of these number plates.

GAZ number plates have become very popular as GAZ is usually the nickname or abbreviation of the following names Gary and Gareth.  Due to the demand in GAZ registrations they are becoming scarce and therefore increasing in value. Four digit GAZ registrations for example GAZ 2161 priced at £480.

GAZ cherished registrations also became popular in the eighties with football fans showing their support for GAZZA!! The ultimate fan number plate for Gazza supporters would be GAZ 21 which is available priced at £5500.

GAZ registrations followed by digits are known as Irish Registrations. Irish Registrations are dateless registrations and therefore can be transferred onto any age of vehicle.

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