Cheap Irish Number Plates to the GB Mainland

If you have decided to purchase one of our Cheap Irish Number Plates we will require you to:

1. Contact us on 028 66387124, to reserve the registration and payment either the full amount or part payment

2. We will then forward you:

  • A Full Explanatory Letter
  • Receipt of your Part Payment
  • V317 Transfer Form

3.  We will require you to complete the V317 Transfer Form and return it along with :

  • V5C- Vehicle Registrations Certificate
  • MOT Certificate – if applicable
  • A cheque for £80 made payable to DOT as payment of the Transfer Fee
  • A cheque for the balance of payment if applicable

There is no need to forward your Road Tax Disc

4. From receipt of the above we will lodge your vehicle documents to our local licensing office, who will complete your transfer and then forward it to Newcastle Upon Tyne VRO. Newcastle will then issue you with a new Road Tax Disc and at request your current Road Tax Disc to be returned back to them.

At no stage will you be without a Road Tax Disc

To continue to purchase your registration please click on Number Plates