Simon Webster’s Latest Adventure!

Speedyreg - Simon Webster's Latest Adventure
Speedyreg – Simon Webster’s Latest Adventure

As you probably know, because we’re very proud and keep going on about it, we sponsor rally driver Simon Webster. Now he recently won the 2019 British Historic Rally Championships, a pretty amazing feat. So what is he doing now? Perhaps you’re picturing him sat on a tropical beach, sipping pina coladas and taking a well deserved break? Oh no, not our Simon, he’s never one to resist a challenge, so he’s throwing himself straight into the Roger Albert Clark Rally which could actually be his toughest challenge of the year so far.

The event runs from 21st to the 25th November and will be the 13th edition of this gruelling rally. With more entries than any previous year, tons of coverage and a massive number of spectators expected, it’s set to be a major event in the rallying calendar. It’s always been a challenging rally, but this year sees extra days and extra stage miles added into the mix. This is not a rally for the faint hearted!

On Thursday afternoon the rally begins at Leominster with two runs of the nine-mile Radnor stage which will be completed in darkness. Friday the rally heads to Wales for 40 miles in the Epynt area, and then on to Kielder and the Scottish Borders. Saturday is the hardest day of all, beginning with 17 miles in Kershope which is just the start. A total of 103 miles over 8 stages and 230 road miles, this will be a gruelling 13 hour day. On Sunday there’s little let up with 70 stage miles in Scotland and Monday is the final day, with 67 stage miles, and a thrilling long final stage to the finish.

Simon is certainly going to be up against some tough competition here, but that of course is going to make it even more thrilling to watch. We’ll be cheering him on, and if you’re going along as a spectator, we hope you will too!