It’s the FA Cup Final – Man City vs Watford 

FA Cup Final - SpeedyReg
FA Cup Final – SpeedyReg

As usual, the FA Cup final will be broadcast live on the BBC as it has been since 1937. This match sees Manchester City and Watford compete for the coveted FA Cup. The semi finals were pretty thrilling viewing, with Manchester City only just beating Brighton 1-0 and Watford making a fantastic comeback from being two goals down to beating Wolves 3-2, to secure their place in the final.

The match takes place at Wembley Stadium and kick off is at 5pm, the perfect time gather round the TV with your family, or get out and soak up the atmosphere in a pub showing the game on a big screen.

Thrill your friends with FA Cup Facts

  • The first player to be sent off during an FA Cup Final was Kevin Moran in 1985, an impressive 113 years since the competition started!
  • Didier Drogba is the only player to have scored a goal in four different FA Cup Finals.
  • Leicester City have made it to the final four times, but have never won it.
  • The fastest ever FA Cup Final goal was scored in 25 seconds by Louis Saha playing for Everton against Chelsea in 2009. Despite this amazing start, they eventually lost the match.
  • The first time the FA Cup Final was televised, only 10,000 people were watching.
  • Wembley stadium has the facility to serve 40,000 pints of beer during half time.

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