International Day of Families – Celebrate Your Unique Family 

International Day of Families - Speedy Reg
International Day of Families – Speedy Reg

The world is full of families and every family is different. Your own family is unique and it’s special. You may have a huge extended family or there’s just a small handful of you, either way, family is a big part of who we are. International Day of Families was set up by the United Nations back in 1994 to focus on how important family is, for everyone all over the world. Each year a different theme is picked and the theme for 2019 is Families and Climate Action.

A time to think about your family

When we’re busy, time just seems to disappear. We tend to focus just on those around us, the members of our family that we see everyday because we live with them. The rest of the family is not forgotten, you’ll raise a smile at their photo on Facebook, or you’ll send them a card at Christmas.  If this sounds like your family, then the only times you’ll see them will be at big life events, marriages, christenings and funerals. Then you’ll remember how much you enjoy spending time with your cousins, or your aunties and uncles. Promises will be made to get together, but then life gets in the way again and the plans are forgotten. So why not take the opportunity right now to make the effort, be the one that gets the family organised and plan a family gathering. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, a meal out, a picnic in a park, time to spend chatting, and reminiscing like only families can.

A time to help others

All over the world many families are struggling, so this is also a great time to volunteer to help families less fortunate than your own. Why not encourage your own family to get involved too, it could be an amazing thing to do together.

Private plate for all the family

We’ve got some fantastic family related private plates, wouldn’t it be fun to treat your loved ones to a family of private plates? Here are some ideas for family plates…

Mum – MUM 51, MUM 630, MUM 4Y, MUM 11S, MUM 11E, 31 MA, 43 MA.

Dad – 7 DAD, 16 DAD, DAD 4M, DAD 10Y, DAD 5S, 91 PA, 400 PA.

Brother – BRO 5E, BRO 17T, N28 BRO, C63 BRO, HO08 BRO.

Sister – SS14 TER, SS15 TER.

Grandparents – GRA 1V, T100 GDA, T100 GMA, 20 NAN, N123 NAN.

Aunts, Uncles and cousins –  A81 UNT, M7 UNC, BU51 CUZ