Changes to the V5C / Log Book

New V5C from 15th April 2019 - Speedy Reg
New V5C from 15th April 2019 – Speedy Reg

From April 15th there will be some changes to the V5C registration certificates / log books. After a review in 2016 the document is being fully redesigned to improve customer experience and to help with the transition to digital.

Your current log book will still be valid, but all newV5Cs issued from April 15th will be in the new format.

What has changed?

Below we outline all the changes you’ll see when you receive a new style V5C certificate…

Changes to the front cover

  • The reference number has moved to the top and the words ‘Don’t share, keep it safe’ have been added.
  • A multi-coloured guidance section has been added to the bottom of the front cover.
  • A vehicle licensing compliance enforcement message has been added.
  • The name and address has been moved to the top of the front cover.
  • The date of acquisition has been moved to just below the document reference number.
V5C – Front Page

Internal changes

  • The vehicle details have been adapted to make room for extra information that may be required.
  • To avoid confusion, details of change of keeper and/or change of name or address will now be in a separate section.
  • You will now be able to supply contact details.
  • For anyone exporting their vehicle for more than 12 months, a new country of export field has been added.
  • Due to some customers inadvertently returning the new keeper’s slip to the DVLA and subsequently being unable to tax their vehicle, the name and address field has been removed.
V5C – Page 2

V5C – Page 3

Further changes

  • For added accuracy, data capture boxes have been added.
  • The signature boxes have been replaced with red declarations.
  • Dual language format has been introduced with English on one side and Welsh on the other.
  • The back page has been deliberately left blank.
  • V5CW has been serialised across three pages.
  • V5C has been serialised on the front cover and the back page.
  • Each section will now have a document reference number.
  • Instructions throughout have been simplified.
  • The only perforated section now is the green new keeper slip.
V5C – Back Page

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