Would you go for an Emoji on your Number Plate?

Emoji Number Plates - Speedy Reg
Emoji Number Plates – Speedy Reg

It seems a bit crazy, the idea of emojis on your number plate, but that’s exactly what is happening over in Queensland, Australia. As of March 1st, if you’re a Queensland resident, you can now opt for a fun emoji to be added to the end of your license plate! This isn’t the first customisation available in Queensland, you have other options for your plates too. You can choose the colour of your plate, the theme and you can even have a logo of your favourite local sports team or town on your plate.

What would you go for? A smiley face, a laughing face, a love heart or the poo emoji? Just because you can! Well actually, in reality there are just five options to choose from – crying laughing emoji, winking emoji, smiling emoji, sunglasses emoji and heart eyes emoji, and you’re only allowed one per plate. So no poo and aubergines just yet! But who knows what will be allowed in the future if they prove to be popular!

So what do you think? Too silly, or incredibly fun?

We’ve come up with some ideas for some fitting emoji enhanced number plates – check them out below…

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