Grab the Remote – it’s FA Cup Quarter Final Weekend!

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FA Cup Final – Speedy Reg

You know all those jobs that need doing around the house? The shopping that needs doing and that cupboard that needs cleaning out? Well it’s certainly not going to get done this weekend, sorry! Nope, there’s something far more important going on that’s going to keep us glued to our TV and we won’t be moving from the sofa, well perhaps to grab a beer or answer the door to the pizza delivery man. Because of course it’s FA Cup Quarter Final Weekend.

When to watch the matches

You can watch coverage of all the matches on the BBC Sport website and app. Two matches will be broadcast live on BBC One – Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester United (Saturday at 7:55pm) and Millwall v Brighton & Hove Albion (Sunday at 2:00pm). The other matches of course you can view via the BBC app or online and these are Watford v Crystal Palace at 12:15pm on Saturday and Swansea City v Man City at 5:20pm on Saturday.

Want something to do at half time?

You’ve already decided to have a lazy weekend, so what are you going to do at half time? You daren’t leave the sofa, you might miss the start of the second half, so why not take a look at our website and choose your next private plate while you wait? Buying a new plate is so simple it doesn’t take long to search for your ideal plates, though picking out the one you want from the thousands available might just be a little trickier.

Inspired by the footy?

Deciding which private plate to buy can be tough, there are just so many options. Perhaps you may take inspiration from the beautiful game and search out a football plate. How about FOO 71Y?

UTD bargains

If you’re a fan of Manchester United, then do check out our UTD plates for just £495. There are so many to choose from. You could have TT08 UTD, MC12 UTD, JO53 UTD and many more.

Your new plates ready for the semi finals

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