Taking a moment to reflect on Remembrance Day

November the 11th marks Remembrance Day, it’s also known as Armistice Day, or you might simply call it Poppy Day. It marks the end of World War One at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month. Ever year, at this time, we mark the occasion with a two minutes silence. This tradition was started by King George V in 1919, one year after the war ended.

It’s a time to be give reverence to those who gave their lives in the war. Of course back in 1919, the ‘war to end all wars’ was the focus, but sadly there have been many more wars and many more lives lost since then, and so it’s a time to remember everyone who has ever lost their life in a war.

It’s a sad and solemn time, but if you buy a poppy to wear, not only are you showing your respect to our armed forces, but you’re also helping a good cause. Buying a poppy to wear or even a poppy for your car gives money to the British Legion who work to support the serving soldiers and their families and veterans alike.

The British Legion do an amazing job, helping soldiers with everything from physical and mental recovery, to practical advice regarding careers after the armed forces and money management skills. They also provide care homes for ex-service men and women and they even have break centres where serving or ex-service personnel can take their families for a well earned break.

But why poppies? Well it all started back in 1915 when a soldier, grieving for his friend lost in battle, saw red poppies growing on the battlefield. This inspired him to write the touching poem In Flanders Field. The poem became famous and the poppy became a symbol of remembrance and of hope. The sale of poppies to wear to raise funds for charity started in 1921.

So don’t forget to get your poppy!

You’ll find British Legion volunteers selling poppies around your own town or city, but you can also purchase online from the The Poppy Shop. There’s a huge range of poppy products, some beautiful brooches and a wide range of gifts. Buy your Christmas presents from The Poppy Shop and you’ll be giving to an amazing cause at the same time.

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