Awkward Moments Day

March 18th is Awkward Moments Day. It’s a day to cast off the cringe and celebrate all those awkward moments you’ve had in your life. Those moments that make your toes curl when you think about them, that lurk at the back of your mind to return and haunt you once in a while.

We’re talking about that time when you pinched your partners bum only to discover it was a complete stranger. Or when you accidentally sent ‘that text’ to your mother instead of your lover.

When you want the ground to swallow you up, you should always remember that these awkward moments happen to all of us. Awkward Moments Day is a day to gain control of your past and present awkward moments. See the funny side and share them with your friends. Once you start a conversation and admit to your worst awkward moment, everyone else will no doubt have one to share, with each awkward moment outdoing the last.

We’ve been asking around the office and there’s some great stories I can tell you. We’ve been in hysterics! Of course I can’t name names, but here are my personal favourites. One person answered the door thinking it was the postman. It happened to be someone they had fancied for ages. Unfortunately they were wearing a giraffe onesie and a pair of unicorn slippers. Not the coolest of looks! Then there’s the poor chap who took his granny to the cinema, not realising the film was packed full of swearing and sex scenes. Apparently she tutted all the way though. But the ultimate awkward moment in our office has to be when someone told their friend to ‘Have a great time’. Which would have been fine if they hadn’t been on their way to a funeral!

So what are your awkward moments? Come on we’ve shared ours, so let’s hear yours. The more cringe-worthy the better. You’ll feel better once you’ve talked about it!

So how about some awkward private plates?

When you buy your girlfriend Fiona a license plate with her initials on, but realise too late you’ve ordered 29 FAT and she is not impressed.

When you buy matching plates with the year of your wedding on such as SIW 95 and LNZ 95. Only to find your other half in a sulk because you actually got married in 1996.

Can you come up with any more?