Spring Clean your Car with a New Number Plate


Spring Clean Your Car

Spring Clean Your Car

Spring is in the air. Can you feel it yet? The air is fresher, the sun peeps out once in a while to warm us and remind us of summer. The spring flowers are in bloom. What a relief! We thought winter would never end, we’re getting sick of being cold. Lighter nights really cheer you up, and the sun will give you extra energy. You might be having a spring clean of your home. Out with the old, de-clutter, clean out the cupboards, perhaps a new lick of paint.

You may also be thinking about giving the car a good spring clean too. They do get dirty in the winter weather, both inside and out. So you can wash and polish and get the vacuum to the inside, once you’ve cleared out all those crisp packets, tissues and the kids toys.

So what next? When you stand back to appreciate your gleaming handiwork, do you get the feeling that something is missing? No it’s not a novelty air freshener, or a silly set of eyelashes. It’s a personalised number plate that will be the icing on the simnel cake! It’s the ultimate spring accessory!

Order your new private plates now, and you’ll be able to get the most from them when you’re out and about over summer. We have a huge selection of plates, you won’t be stuck for choice! Finding  a new plate is easy when you use our search engine. Simply type in a word, or perhaps some important numbers such as your date of birth or your wedding date and see what comes up. Get the family involved, they’re good for extra ideas! Once you’ve chosen a plate, that’s the hard part over. Simply click on Buy and follow the instructions. If you’ve never bought a personalised plate before, you might be surprised at just how easy it actually is. We have a wide range of payment options, including interest free finance, and our customer helpline is open 7 days a week and evenings too, so if you have any questions, we’re here to answer them. You can also email us if you prefer and we’ll get right back to you. Our transfers are the fastest in the marketplace, so you’ll have your plates within a matter of days. If you order your physical plates from us, we’ll even send you a free set of tamper-proof screws, so you can fix them on your car and be off and running, well driving.

Spring is all about new beginnings, so freshen up your car with a new license plate and add some spring to your wheels.

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