Top Ten Highest Priced number Plates at Auction


It’s always interesting to see which plates bring the highest prices at auctions. If you’ve ever been to a number plate auction, you’ll know they’re pretty exciting, especially when the most desirable plates come up for bidding. You can spot them straight away, you know it’s going to get a bit crazy. If there are a few people there, for whom money is no object, the prices can sky rocket. Sometimes there’ll be two people who want that particular plate, no matter how much it costs them. Get two millionaires with their heart set on a plate and they’ll go all out to get it. Just being in the auction room while this battle is going on is very thrilling. So let’s look at the top ten highest priced plates sold at auction to date.

10 – Coming in at number 10 is 6B, nice short plates like this always do well. This one sold for £101,700 back in September 2008.

9 – The ninth top priced plate is 2O  – it’s not hard to tell why this one went for £115,000 in March 2009. Imagine getting this as a present for your 20th birthday!

8 – In at number 8 is 1OO, again, a lovely plate, simple and concise and very aesthetically pleasing. That one sold for £156,000 in April 2006.

7 – In seventh place is 1A, a great plate, especially if your initial is A. 1 plates tend to sell for higher values than any other number. Well every one wants to be number one don’t they? This one sold for £160,000 back in December 1989.

6 – The plate 1O sold in January 2009. You’re definitely someone important with this plate on your car, a real head turner that everyone will notice. But at a cost of £170,000 you’d hope it would be noticed!

5 – A longer one, but no less interesting or desirable in position 5 – K1 NGS. This might be a surname, a business name, or you might just want it to make you feel like royalty. Whatever the reason, someone wanted it enough in December 1993 to splash out a cool £185,000 for it.

4 – I RH hits the number four spot, bought in November 2008 for £196,000. Perfect if your initials are RH or IRH.

3 – It’s really not hard to see why our next plate at number 3 raised £201,000 in April 2006. The plate in at number 3 was 51 NGH, an amazing plate for anyone with the surname Singh. It’s a common surname so I imagine there was a lot of competition for this unique plate.

2 – Our runner up at number 2 goes to 1D, which sold in March 2009 for £285,000. Was it sold to a One Direction fan, or just someone whose name begins with D? Perhaps secretly they’re both?

1 – The top spot in our highest priced plates sold at auction goes to… 25 O which sold last November for a massive £400,000. The highest price ever paid for a license plate at auction, and at that price, it might take a long time for another plate to beat that record, but with license plate auctions, you just never know what will happen next!