A new set of plates could help you sell your vehicle

Selling Your Vehicle

When you’re getting your car ready to sell, you’ll probably give it a good clean and polish and valet the interior so it’s shiny and new looking, but we often forget to take a look at the license plates. Dirty and dented license plates can signify previous neglect to a potential buyer. A new set of plates can add that finishing touch to any vehicle, giving the impression that this car has been loved and cared for.

A set of replacement plates won’t break the bank, you can even get a nice new surround for them. We can supply a set of top quality replacement plates, you don’t need to have bought your registration from us. We’ll get them sent out to you fast, so you can get them on your vehicle and take some great photos ready to advertise your car for sale.

It’s these little details that can really make a difference. Check everything and replace anything that’s getting tired. If you’ve smoked in your car or you take your dog in the back, remember that smells will linger, even if you’re not able to smell them, others might – ask an honest friend if you’re not sure! A good interior clean, and a strong air freshener will go a long way towards encouraging a buyer.