Quick and easy private number plate transfers


Have you just purchased a second hand vehicle and wish to hide its age? Why not get yourself a dateless private plate such as one of the many Irish registrations available here at  Speedy Reg.

Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t cost a fortune to have your own private plate, we have registrations to suit all budgets. Transfers are quick and easy, from receipt of your documents, and there is generally a very quick turn around time with DVLA, depending on the type of transfer.

At Speedy Reg we are industry leaders in number plate transfers and have an excellent working relationship with the DVLA. We transfer hundreds of registrations each month and as you can see from our excellent customer feedback we have a first class reputation. The results speak for themselves so why not have a read over our feedback.

We are happy to do the work for you, send you the appropriate forms to fill out and return to us and we will even send you a stamped addressed envelope to return your documents in. We then liase with DVLA to ensure a smooth process. What could be simpler?