Road Rage is on the increase


Reports show that road rage is on the increase. More and more of us are becoming involved in altercations with other drivers while on the road.

We all know driving can be stressful at times, and it can be easy to get frustrated when you see someone else driving badly, or irresponsibly.

However, getting angry is not going to help you. Statistics show that driving while in a bad mood puts you at a higher risk of having an accident.

So you need to keep your cool! Here are some tips to help…

  • Give yourself plenty of time. There’s nothing like being held up when you’re late to make you cross, so set off early!
  • Try to put your troubles out of your mind. If you’re worrying about something or perhaps you’ve just fallen out with a friend or loved one. Try not to think about it while you drive, listen to an audio book or a talk radio station to take your mind off your problems.
  • Put on some soothing music. It has been proven that we drive more aggressively with fast, loud music. Put on something calming and it will be reflected in both our mood and our driving style.
  • Don’t drive when you’re angry. It can be tempting if you have a big row to storm off and then zoom off in the car. Driving when angry can be dangerous, this type of situation accounts for several fatalities each year.
  • Just rise above it, I know, easier said than done, but don’t be dragged into an argument with an angry road user.