Remembering to renew your road tax could be harder

Road Tax your vehicle

The day your road tax is due isn’t the most thrilling anniversary of the year, it’s not quite as memorable as your birthday or your wedding anniversary. How often do you have to check the date on your tax disc because you can’t remember when it’s due? Do you sometimes end up in a panic as it’s due really soon and you hadn’t realised? You’re not alone!

Of course reminders are sent out, but they do get lost in the post, or are overlooked or forgotten about. Remembering the renewal date could be even trickier once the paper tax discs are abolished and the whole system is computerised.

Perhaps the best option is to pay your road tax by direct debit. You can arrange to pay this as one lump sum every year, or as smaller monthly payments. It will automatically roll over every year, so you won’t have to worry about missing your renewal date. Road tax is of course a legal requirement and there are severe consequences for driving without tax, so make a big note on your calendar if you’re not paying by direct debit!