Finance available on Personalised Number Plates from £199



Have you always wanted a cherished registration but are worried that you can’t afford it? Not only do we offer a large selection of cheap private registrations starting from a little as £40 plus VAT plus transfer fee but if you have your eye on something more exclusive  we offer finance on our more expensive registrations.  This is great news if you have spotted an excellent registration but you just cant afford to buy it outright.

Our finance option is provided by Hitachi Capital and is a buy now pay later scheme in which you are not charged any interest in the first year. This is an excellent scheme as it allows you to spread payments over one year, you can pay in as and when you can afford to and it gives you the option of either paying everything in one go or you can pay monthly payments if you wish to.

If you have your eye on a nice registration but are unsure about how finance works why not get in touch.