Red Driver 4 – a free to play game

Number Plate Games

We’re car mad here at Speedy Reg, and we love to spend our coffee breaks playing games, car related ones of course! At the moment we’re addicted to Red Driver 4. You can play it free at

It’s really easy to play, the controls are simple and you’re guided through the instructions with a quick tutorial. You don’t need lots of gaming experience, and you don’t need to spend ages reading instructions, you can just pick up this game on your break and get stuck in.

What makes this game stand apart from the rest is the realistic graphics. The concept isn’t complicated, you’re driving along a road and you have to avoid the other traffic. It might sound too simple, but it is really addictive, and if you turn your sound up, when you crash, or clip another car, it can be almost scary!

If you’ve got five minutes spare, Red Driver 4 is a great way to spend them!