Spring Clean your car’s number plates

Number Plates

Take a look out of the window. Is the sun shining? When the sun shines on our cars it does show up all the dirt doesn’t it? The car wash companies do well at this time of year, or perhaps you’re hard working and get outside and give the car a good clean yourself. Well done if you do, you’ll do a better job of it but it is hard work! With a clean and shiny car there’s one extra thing that would make your car look even better, and of course that’s a personalised number plate!

Now is a great time to pick out a new plate. Spring is the time for new starts and fresh beginnings, and it’s also a time when we have lots of fabulous new plates at spring bargain prices! If you’ve never used our search facility before then go take a look and have a play with it, it’s so simple to use. If you have an idea of a plate you’d like then simply put a word in and press the button. It really is that easy. You’ll then be shown a list of all the plates available that match your criteria, our system is also clever enough to show you plates that look like your word, so you won’t need to input every combination yourself. For example, if you’re a cat lover, you might put the word CAT into our search. This would bring up results with CAT in, but it would also bring up results with C4T in. This is great if you’re on a limited budget as a C4T plate could well be cheaper than a CAT plate, but everyone will still read it as CAT.

Image courtesy of Maggie Smith / FreeDigitalPhotos.net