Happy New year from all at Speedy Reg!



New Years Eve can be full of mixed emotions. Happiness for the friends and family you have around you and perhaps the few cheeky cocktails you have just consumed. Sadness perhaps for loved ones that are no longer with you and maybe a bit of worry at how you plan on getting home at the end of the night.

The whole crew at Speedy Reg love a good night out and at their recent Christmas party really let their hair down and had a thoroughly good time. They all plan on doing different things to celebrate the new year, some will be having a quiet get together with family, some will ring in the new year at house parties with family and friends, some will paint the town red and some will travel to meet up with old friends.

Whatever you plan on doing to celebrate the new year the whole crew at Speedy Reg would like to wish all their friends and customers a very happy and successful 2014.