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Personalised Number Plates – It’s all about YOU

Who can resist a personalised plate with your own name on? We spoke to Sally from Yorkshire who was more than happy to share with us the joys of owning a SAL plate….

“I love my new plate. At first I thought personalised number plates were a bit frivolous, but I’d always wanted one, and when I saw that the prices were very affordable I decided to treat myself. Now when I meet friends and they mention that they saw me out in the car as they always spot the SAL plate, I can’t help but smile. One friend has dubbed it the Sal-mobile! The kids love it too, they think it’s really cool and their school friends seem to be highly impressed! Even my husband likes it, so I’m definitely going to treat him to a GUY plate for Christmas.”

If like Sally you’d love to have a personalised number plate with your name on, check out our website. Just type your name or your nickname into our search and see what comes up! We’ve just taken a look for a GUY plate for Sally to buy her husband and there’s plenty to choose from. She can go for AA02 GUY for just £494, or if she’s feeling a little more generous, there’s the fabulous F2 GUY available for £3175. If neither of these are quite what she’s looking for, well there’s no need to worry. At the time of writing we have more than 900 GUY plates for her to choose from, so she’s bound to find something that he will love.

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