Designer Cherished Registrations

Louis V blog


Are you a fan of designer clothing and accessories? Do you have a weakness for expensive one of a kind items? If so then you are in for a treat. Speedy Reg have a selection of designer inspired cherished registrations, for example if you are a big fan of Louis Vuitton, you could have your very own Louis V registration to go with your designer handbag. LOU 15V is one of Speedy Reg’s own stock numbers and therefore you will not find it cheaper anywhere else. If you prefer other designers you could have a Chanel number plate CH53 NEL, a Mui Mui registration MUI 47, an Anna Sui registration SUI 7 or a Prada registration PRA 54D.

If you have always wanted your own cherished registration but couldn’t decide what to go for then why not make your vehicle look like a designer and pick a designer registration. Fashionistas will be particularly interested to know that they can get their own designer cherished registration for a lot less than a designer wardrobe and unlike those Jimmy Choos a registration will last forever.