Breaking News, DVLA Local Offices closed

V750 Retention

Breaking News, DVLA Local Offices are no longer completing Cherished Transfers!!!

We have just been informed that as from today DVLA Local Licensing offices are NO longer completing Transfer of Registrations. All applications are to be posted directly to:

DVLA Personalised Registrations


SA99 1DS

What will this mean?

  1. No more same day Transfers
  2. Customers will not be able to bring their vehicle documents to the DVLA for Transfer, everything will have to be posted to Swansea.
  3. No more adding a nominee and assigning a registration onto your vehicle at your local DVLA Office
  4. Transfers time will be 2 weeks instead of 1-3 working days.

The DVLA have not publicized this, however if you look online at the new V317 Transfer Form download, the transfer information has been changed.

The notes on the back of V750 Retention Certificates have also been changed to state that all Transfers are to be sent direct to Swansea.

What are your thoughts?

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