A top tip for hiding the age of your car


Many of us have older cars that we love. We may have bought them from new and simply can’t bear to part with them, or they may have been looked after by careful owners all their lives. If you have an older car that you just adore you probably spend a lot of time looking after it and making it look like new. It might surprise people when they take note of your registration plate, to discover that this sparkling polished car is actually quite old!

If you’d like to disguise the age of car, the best way to do it is to change the plates! With a dateless plate no one will know how old your car is. They will think it is the age that it looks, and with all the care and attention you’ve lavished on your pride and joy, this will be a lot less than the real age!

Of course a personalised plate has other benefits too. It makes your car stand out and you can pick a plate that means something to you. Prices of personalised plates vary a lot, but if you simply want a dateless plate to hide the age of the car, rather than  plate that spells out words or your name, then you can pick these up very cheaply. At Speedy Reg you can pick up a plate from just £40, such as FRZ 2051.