Gillian and Bob number plates

Finding your ultimate personalised number plates for your vehicle may be very time consuming not to mention trying to find two names.

Calling all couples called Gillian and Bob, we are currently offering the must have joint registration number, GIL 808. The 808 makes a excellent BOB and what better way to show the world that you are a strong couple but with Personalised Number Plates.

Maybe you are a Mother or Father, and are lucky enough to have two children, a girl called Gillian and Bob called Bob. So what better way to show your love for them but with personalised number plates such as GIL 808.

The name Gillian is from Latin origin and means Youthful, where are the name Bob is from French Origin and means Bright Fame. The GIL prefix was originally issued on Co Fermanagh, which is where Speedyreg is currently based.

Can you think of any Celebrities that this Personalised registration would be suitable for?