Katie Price’s Personalised Number Plates.

Katie Price’s has splashed out on a Custom made Pink Range Rover with Personalised Number Plates.

The 33-year old model and reality TV star Katie Price is believed to have splashed out £100,000 on a luxury Vogue car, so it would match with her fleet of pink vehicles.

Her collections now consists of :

  • Pink VW Beetle
  • Pink Scooter
  • Pink Horsebox
  • Pink Range Rover

The £100,000 Range Rover Vogue has been customised by Project Khan in Bradford, who currently has the number plates F1 on his vehicle. The Range Rover features a diamond encrusted clock worth £25,000, while the wheels, exhaust and pedals have all been changed to aluminium.

A worker from Project Kahn said: ‘Everyone was quite excited when we found out the car was for Katie Price. ‘It’s a top of the range Vogue with all the fittings and extras such as a satnav. She bought the car and then it was brought to us to do everything to it.

‘Everyone was pretty shocked at the colour when they saw it. Obviously we get asked to do all sorts of things to cars but we’ve never been asked to paint one this bright a pink before. ‘Some people thought it was just a funny idea but some of the workers thought it was a silly thing to do, she’ll get spotted straight away in that.

Katie was also quick to add personalised number plates to her new purchase to delay her love for Leandro. So what are you waiting for? Show your love today with a new set of personalised number plates!