The Queen refuses a pint of Guinness!

The second day of the Queen’s four-day visit began with a trip to the Guinness Storehouse, Buckingham Palace had probably advised the Queen not to drink the pint as it would have been a great front page picture , then a visit Croke Park, the stadium where 14 people were killed by British forces in 1920.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh declined to sample Ireland’s most famous export – a pint of Guinness during their four day visit to Ireland. The Duke joked as the pint was delicately poured: “Is it made with Liffey water?”

Later, the Queen met Taoiseach Enda Kenny and senior Cabinet members at Government Buildings in Dublin.The Queen was shown inside the Taoiseach’s office, where there is a portrait of Michael Collins – the signatory to the 1921 Anglo-Irish treaty for the partition of Ireland.The Union flag flew alongside the tricolour on top of Government Buildings as the historic meeting took place.

The royal couple were then shown two excerpts from the Waterford Charter roll, with Waterford museum director Eamon McAreavey detailing the document.Dating from 1372 and measuring some four metres in length, the parchment roll contains portraits of five medieval kings of England – Henry II, John, Henry III, Edward I and two contemporary portraits of King Edward III.

Maybe the Queen will pop across the border to Northern Ireland where Speedyreg could fit her black Range Rover with Personalised number plates, ELZ 11!.