Speedyreg Does it!!

It might surprise some people but Speedyreg is now comfortably the UK largest supplier of Irish Number Plates. Based in Co Fermanagh the home of what is considered the best Irish Combination, “IL”.

The “IL” series, provided alot of number plates for example, BIL, DIL, FIL, HIL, JIL, GIL, LIL, MIL, WIL registrations. It was certainly the most sort after combination to date.

Number Plates is a tough market, you have to give people what they want, you also have to have the right products and the right prices.

Speedyreg has has the business advantage as it is based in Nothern Ireland and therefore able to obtain all the current releases of Cheap Irish Number Plates.

The following replacment registrations are being issued:

Armagh : AXZ

Ballymena : BRZ

Belfast : CFZ

Coleraine : ONZ

Downpatrick : RJZ

Enniskillen : IIG

Londonderry : SUI

Omagh : NHZ

Have you purchased number plates from Speedyreg? What are you comments on the company?

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