Ulitimate Brass Number Plates

If your name is Brass and your looking for the Ultimate Car Number Plate, then look no further, Speedyreg is currently offering BRZ 55, Brass Number Platewhich is an excellent number plate for your name, priced at £1500.

The DVLA, counterparts in Northern Ireland, the DVA are currently issuing BRZ Irish Number Plate combination in the Ballymena area.  The BRZ number plates followed by 4 digits are currently priced from £50, so these cheap alternatives are a good option for a personalised number plate if your surname is Brass.

There are other options available for Brass for example BRA 555S, which are a lot more expensive starting from £15000.

However the Ultimate Brass number plate available is BRZ 55, which any Brass can purchase be clicking on BRZ 55 Number Plates.