Minibus LEZ date changed

Minibuses and vans now have until 3 January 2012 before they are included in London’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

These vehicles were originally due to be included from 14th October 2010, but following a public consultation, this date was deferred. This has given more time for necessary changes to be made to vehicles so they comply with Euro3 standards required by the LEZ. Mayor of London, Boris Johnston, will continue to encourage vehicle manufacturers to explore options such as incentive packages to help people replace their vehicles to avoid fines associated with running non-compliant vehicles in the zone.

From 3 January 2012, buses and coaches will be required to meet the tighter standard of Euro4 to drive free of charge through the zone. The Mayor is investing £250m a year on measures to tackle air quality including increasing the number of hybrid buses and the New Bus for London, which is designed to be less polluting than traditional diesel vehicles.

These buses should change their numbers plates to LEZ to show their compliance. Speedyreg is currently advertising these registrations for example LEZ 9481 LEZ 9481 Number Plates priced at £199 plus £34.83 VAT plus £80 Transfer Fee.